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Talking about Pikes Peak Climb (BTB Project) by Zaxxon


Apr 1, 2009
Hi there,

I download This great hillclimb created by Zaxxon and I get so impressed with the road elevation and terrain modelling.

I want know how did you get so close realistic elevation data? Is there any option to do it with another WRC, IRC, etc stages or did you recorded, personally with a GPS device?

Waiting your answer, thanks for all :laugh2:

Good day.


Mar 18, 2009
i know zaxxon, it is a great proyect... sure that he will finish it some day... in fact we are talking to work together for RBR.

I don´t really know, but i think that altitute data is bring by 3D route builder.


Apr 1, 2009
I want know exactly, if it is posible, the entire progress of the stage selection ( I have all 2008 and the first 4 rallyes of 2009 season in KML format, taked from planete Marcus ) and then how get, explainning step by step the elevation data for the stages. After investigate a bit, I learn like google Earth didnt keep the elevation data ...
I try to investigate a bit with 3D Route Builder trial version to give to my KML file the correct elevation but nothing succesfully happens ...

Waitin your explanation Zaxxon ...

Bye, bye :rotfl:


Mar 16, 2009
Hi guys,
just to exchange information on who is doing what for RBR, I'm working on the Sweet Lamb stage of Wales Rally 2008 (a small preview here at the bottom of this page: http://forum.racedepartment.com/bobs-track-builder/15956-work-progress-screenshots-2.html).
Because it's so hilly and with open spaces (just a small section in a wood) I have to model a lot of terrain. Up to now I did not find good (and free) elevation data (tried kml filler, btb lofty), so I prefer to do it manually, from UK elevation maps, photographs and onboard videos.

However, a more automated procedure would be really appreciated!


Apr 1, 2009
Good day,

I know GPSVisualizer lordpantsington, thanks for coment :victory:

But the data it provide isnt soo real, I choose a Catalunya 2008 stage to test it, wich they are something fast and flatout and the visualizer converter, give me a unreal data, I think.
I import it to BTB and I take the conclusion that's that isnt correctly upped, for my opinion.

If you want try it, or simply test it, I go to give you some tips :rotfl:

Download the stage KMZ data of the rally you want from:

2008 year:


2009 Year:


Next, you want, open Google Earth, choose your stage and save the track mesh.

Now, go to http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/elevation and in choose a file section, take your KMZ stage file.

The next step is, choose the save format, (I choose GPX) and now click in Convert & Add Elelevation.

It's done! Now you need Install (If you haven't got, 3D Route Builder and click in File - Open Route and there, choose your GPX file.

Now, you will see a elevation data with a altimeter line and lot of numbers colums and data under of it.

You need press Ctrl + A for select in blue all the colums and then go to Route - Altitude - Update from Geo Tool and now, the software start to update percent by percent the altitude of GPX file to get, better and "accurate" elevation data.

When it finish, click in File tollbar and choose the Export option and save it in GPX file and then, export again but in KML file!

Now, It easy, open Piddy's BTB and import the route like open ended and All samples imoprting options :rotfl:

For example, I upload here my data source files:


And here, the BTB proiect folder, for give the use you want ...


Thanks and see all :dance2:


Mar 30, 2009
Hello E.Zelaieta
sorry for the delay on answering.

The process was (really simplified version):

1) Generation of a kml from Google Earth for the road/path.
2) Import the path with BTB. Adjust the width according with google earth images.
3) Generation of interest points "near" the path (inside a circle in the last version).
3) Use of 3D Route Builder to get the elevation data for the interest points.
4) Adjust the elevation of the road to fit the mountain
5) Refine the elevation of the road (always to lower values) to make the road reasonably smooth in height.
6) Adjust the shape of the road surfaces to fit the mountains shape and get a good visual integration.

The procedure is "easy" to apply to any track, and in a couple of days you can have the first version of your circuit: road and mountains.

Did you play the stage? Did you like it?


Apr 1, 2009
Hello Zaxxon :rotfl:

Thanks for your tips, I thinks does are so interesting for all BTB comunnity.
About you Hillclimb testing, I havent got time yet, cause of my work but when I've get some time to adjust my G25 and handbrake, I try to go flatout to the highest mountain :skywalker:

Have a nice day :dance2:

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