Talent files and the ins and outs

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  1. Jarrod Crossley

    Jarrod Crossley

    You may or may not of heard of the dark art of talent files but here goes some sort of explination.

    Ill start off by how this all came about:

    I download a skin pack for RACE 07 and noticed that it came with a GameData folder that contained a folder called "TALENT" and within that RCD files.

    When I ran the game nothing of these so called talent files seemed to work or where not giving me the info I thought they would. So after a bit of playing I finally got these talent files to work and was amazed at the info i was given.
    If like me you like making custom skins and have done and looked at the bottom of the selection page there are a few buttons down there one is "Car Info" and the other is "Driver Info". The Driver info is partly were the talent file comes in.

    Ok on to how its all done:

    When you have made a skin and are in the process of setting up your ini this is where you need to make some notes for later use.

    First part to make a note of is the driver name : [Fred Flintstone]
    now if possable name your ini the same as the drivers name :Fred Flintstone.ini

    I have attached A zip containing a talent file. Just place in your RACE07 folder.(Your are able to open these .RCD files with notepad and edit them within notepad).

    Have a look through it Ive tried to make it a simple as possible.

    *Note the AI part of the talent file is mainly for Ai control.

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  2. Jarrod Crossley

    Jarrod Crossley

    Thid is what a talent file looks like inside (Rember to save as RCD)
    Also note CarrerHighlights does not Autoupdate you have to add info yourself.

    Fred Flitstone / ini name
    //Driver Info
    4th In Bedrock Rally
    3rd In Bedrock GP 2007

    //Driver Stats
    StartsDry=2.9 //Average number of drivers passed during start (-4 - 4)
    StartStalls=0.0 //% of starts where driver stalled
    QualifyingAbility=5.00 //Average qualifying position NOTE: keep GT between 1 -15
    RaceAbility=1.2 //Range 0 - 6.2 (0 is best)
    RainAbility=1.5 //Range 0 - 6.2 (0 is best)
    Passing=100.0 //% of times driver completed a successfull pass, not including pit stops or lapped traffic
    Crash=4.0 //% of times driver crashed
    Recovery=100 //% of times driver continued after a crash

    // Increase attempted low-speed cornering by adding a minimum onto calculated speed.
    // Reduce attempted high-speed cornering by multiplying speed by a number less than 1.0.
    // <adjusted speed> = CorneringAdd + (CorneringMult * <original speed>)

    //AI Throttle Control - how good they are at their own traction control upon throttle application
    TCGripThreshold=0.7 // Range: 0.0-1.0
    TCThrottleFract=1.2 // Range: 0.0-???
    TCResponse=0.0 // Range: 0.0-???

    //AI skill mistake variables
    MinRacingSkill = 1.00
    Composure = 0.010

    //AI ColdBrain variables

  3. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    Thanks a lot for your hard work figuring this stuff out Jester, much appreciated. :)