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Misc Tachometer steering wheel F1 2010-2014 2015-01-10

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Andrew2791 submitted a new resource:

Tachometer - zip

Using the program Ryder PSSG Editor, open the folder / iteriors / sa2 / int_sa2.pssg /. Next, the left mouse button once specify a string /int_digi_tach_full_alpha_mask.tga. Further down, press the import and specify the folder that contains the /int_digi_tach_full_alpha_mask.tga.dds/ Hereinafter open this file. It should appear in the Ryder PSSG Editor. Next on the handlebars keep .Now Sauber in 2014, will be more smooth tachometer. Multiplayer works. (First unzip the zip-file into a folder that will open the program Ryder PSSG Editor. This file can be used on all cars F1 2010-2014 gg. .

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Graham Laing

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I have edited the text in the 1st post, using the the same English text you used in the overview tab :)

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By the screenshots do not see the difference. It is desirable to personally test. Clearly visible in the long corners, but so, too, can be seen. Smoothness can be increased, if you're interested I'll write as .This applies only to the display on the steering wheel.