Tachometer and speedometer feedback



I am interfacing the cockpit of an actual car to Racer. What angle should I take on capturing the tachometer and speedometer data from racer during the race session? I tried using the debug log file, however reading this data while the log file is being created poses several problems.


I know that it would be interesting to see what car your going to interface with Racer. I'll have to see where I put the commands for getting the data from a a racer session......


It’s an 88 944 Porsche. I will have plenty spare parts if anyone is interested.


Well, wouldn't it be possible to access this data via rex-scripts? By that maybe you could write one file new each let's say 40ms, then take a file change notification in the other software interfacing the cockpit.

But I guess it'd be best to ask Ruud for a real real-time-interface, as I think racer wasn't originally supposed to do stuff like this.


Thanks for the suggestion. I plan on pulling an all nighters on it tonight. I will defently try this method first. I sent an email to Rudd earlier in the week asking what it would take to become a licensed user. The web site states Multiview is only available to licensed users of Racer. I never got a response so I did not want to add this to the mix. When I first came across racer I was very encouraged by the level of detail and deduction to simulation over game play. The documentation on the CHAIR DATA OUTPUT sounded similar to what I want to do. As the racer mission states
1.1 What is Racer?
Racer is a free car simulation project, focusing on realism.
I am only trying to further the realism experience. Looking at the new ini file it looks like the chair portion is gone.
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