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T500rs problem.

Hi, I have a problem with the feel of my t500rs, and I've searched around the web but couldn't find anything about this problem, so I hope the friendly community here maybe could help me out.

Here it goes; when the wheel is powered off and I turn the wheel, I of course feel the restistance of the motor, but also a very sublte "notchy" feeling, kinda like when you spin the axle of an electrical motor.
I guess this is normal, because it's after all is a powerful motor in the t500.
And now the big but; when the wheel is powered up, this "notchy" sensation is really noticable, and it's is very distracting when driving in any sim.
If I just plug it in and let it calibrate, then turn the wheel 180 degrees to any side, I feel a centering force, this is normal I presume, but if I the slowly start to center the wheel, it almost jumps in small steps, no smooth movement at all.
In sims (I've tested it in rF2, AC, GSCE, GTR2 and R3E, and its all the same more or less) it's most noticable during long sweeping turns, like T3 at Monza, which makes it very hard to make small adjurtments during the turn and overall killing the FFB-feeling of many games.

The only thing I've found during my searches is that it might be caused by the belt in the wheel being "stiff" but that thread was almost 3 years old and very cold..

I hope anyone out there can bring some light on this for me, because it's very frustrating and I find it hard to enjoy simracing when I know that the FFB I'm getting might be very wrong...
You won't ever get rid of the notchiness completely. It's a property of the motor more than the belt mechanism, as I understand it, but both do get better as they are used.

However, as the wheel is used you should notice:
1. The belt gets worked in and turning the wheel starts to feel less notchy.
2. The wheel warms up during a session and smooths/frees up.

Also if you are really getting a very notchy feel when turning the wheel even when it's had an hour or two of hard use to warm it up properly, I suspect you are actually experiencing some form of clipping on the fast turns: this is the only situation where I could understand you having trouble being accurate too.

it could be worth dropping gain in game down a little and seeing if the feel changes.
Ok, thanks for answering. I had a feeling it was something like that.
I will run some long stints this weekend to really warm up the wheel and see if it gets any smoother.
I've used all kinds of anti-clipping tools to set the gain in different sims, but I admit I'm usually setting it just below the clipping limit so to speak. I'll try to lower it further to see if that helps to.