T500 RS - brakeissue and resistance

Hey, fellas!

Stepping up a notch in my simracing-hobby got me to buy the T500 RS and TH8R-shifter. I ordered the Ferrari F1-addon aswell, but that isn't in store anywhere.

Anyhow, my problem is the brake on the T500 RS. I'm old enough to know how a brakepedal feels and i have a Audi A4 and a Renault Clio in real life. But the brake on the T500 is just too stiff! I installed the brakemod that comes with the pedals and chose the softest setting. Still it just moves about 2-3 cms.

The other things is that even if i stand on the brake, and i mean really stand on it, i only get about 40% braking. This is when i open the T500-control panel.

So, I wonder if you guys know how to soften the pedal-pressure a wee bit more, and how to calibrate the brake. I dont know what controlpanel-software is supposed to do, but it doesn't calibrate. And when googling i only get "superhard brake mod" or "bodin load cell mod" or something. And yes i read the useless pdf that thrustmaster has:


1) Confirm that your racing wheel features the latest available firmware release.

2) Always connect the pedal set to the racing wheel before connecting the racing wheel to your
PlayStation®3 system or PC.

3) Never depress the pedals during the racing wheel’s auto-calibration phase!
You should only depress the pedals when the racing wheel’s calibration process is complete and the
wheel has returned to the centre position (otherwise, please exit the game, then disconnect and
reconnect the racing wheel from your PlayStation®3 system or PC’s USB connector)

4) Once the racing wheel’s auto-calibration phase is complete (and only then), pedal
calibration will occur automatically after a few presses

5) Brake pedal with the "Realistic Brake" mod: if you have trouble reaching the maximum
calibration values for the brake pedal: briefly stand on the pedal to reach the maximum values, then
release the pedal."

And i stood on it, just reaching 40% braking. I can play Assetto Corsa though, cause it has a "range"-setting :)


who cares
Never had any problems, when the auto calibration is finished I push the pedals a few times.
I don't use any brake mod but the pedals feel better in hanging position.
It seems it calibrates wrong when it only goes to 40 % it should get to 100 %of course without much effort. Kill the power and then push the brake full and see if you get max 40 %. It's a lot softer then any real brake you need skateboard bushings to get up to more realistic pressure. The pedals are not full size either so yes you push them a bit less then most saloon car brakes at least.