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T500 need help, wiring custom wheel.

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Cloudini5, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. Cloudini5


    Dear RD.
    im sort of trying to figure out if its even possible to connect a custom wheel to the Quick connection that is Factory build on the T500, Speaking of the DIN 6 pole male/female.

    my situation is, ive got a Amalgam mclaren steering wheel wich has a total of 20 buttons (included 2 Rotary encoders)
    than it has 4 Rotary switches of 10 steps and 1 rotary switch of 8 steps, matching the decals behind the rotary switches.

    now the SLI-F1 that leo bodnar is selling only supports either 20 buttons and No rotary Encoders, or 14 buttons and 3 rotary encoders, all 3 supports 8 rotary switches,
    if im going with the 20 button version of the leo bodnar, it wont see the rotary encoders wich i need 2 of.

    so i thought, is it possible to connect most of the buttons like the T500 F1 wheel, and let them have connected as an t500 F1 wheel. and all the rest to the SLI-f1.

    my other question is. Leo Bodnar sells 12 position rotary switches that only has 3 connection poles. do they exist somewhere on the world aswell as in 10 position and 8 position both with 3 connection poles, and does 10 and 8 positions work with the software to program the SLI ?

    kind regards
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