T3PA Pro tinkering - Help needed


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Feb 26, 2019
Hi folks, I've been using a G27 for a long time but recently was given some newer gear, including a T3PA Pro, everything else works fine such as the wheel and shifter but the T3PA Pro pedal set lacks all of the internal guts.

It isn't really a huge issue because I'm planning on building a board to handle the three analog inputs via Xinput on an arduino, but where im hitting a stumbling block is I dont have the original gears that fit on over the pots that interface with the teeth of the pedal base.

Could someone with these pedals do me a huge solid, take off the black metal plate, slide one of these gears off and take either a clear picture of the gear from the side (so i can replicate the part on 3d printer), or slap it on a scanner, and also take a measurement of the overall height of the part so I can get the scale right?

Would be happy to publicly post the part on shapeways for people to get replacements easilly should theirs ever break in future, too.

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