T3PA Pro pedals and the Next Level Wheel Stand

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by SOLO59, Nov 9, 2015.

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    I used these screws to mount the pedals


    I just purchased these pedals last Thursday. The bodinhausen adapter came in the mail the next day on Friday afternoon. I configured the pedals in the inversion GT style mode, put them onto my next level wheel stand, connected the pedals to the bodin adapter and then my leo bodnar cable that I previously used for my G27 pedals. I'm in love with these pedals. They feel really good. I have no complaints. They even feel better than my g27 pedals with gteye mod.

    Now I was having trouble trying to find a way to hard mount these pedals inverted onto my next level wheel stand. And I've managed to do so with 2 screws, 2 washers, and 1 nut. You can simply push the screw in from the bottom of the wheel plate deck of the wheel stand and from there screw it directly into the pedal sets frame. And the other side you can put the screw through the top of the pedals metal plate, then through the wheel stands pedal plate deck and then
    screw on the nut from the bottom. That's it! Pedals don't budge at all. I should also mention, with the way I've mounted the pedals, it's not centered. Its all the way to the left side of the pedal deck. I personally don't mind because all that means is the brake will be closer to the left, so I'm not pointing my left foot towards the right to brake.

    If you have this combo next level wheel stand/T3PA pro pedals and want to invert and hard mount your pedals this is one way to do it. Anyone have other creative ideas? Also, I don't think these pedals needs a load cell mod. They feel just fine the way they are and there are some cons to the load cell for the T3PA's too.
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