T300RS Steering lock

Hi! My T300RS GTE arrived today. It's working fine and a nice upgrade from the G27 (my girlfriend likes it a lot better yay we are finally gonna have some simracing time together, I hope :D). BUT there is always a problem... and it's the steering lock...

If I for example play R3E where I have a forced steering lock of 540 degrees, the steering lock in the profiler changes too. After that if I play Assetto Corsa with a 900 degree steering car, my wheel is locked at 540 and the ingame wheel is super fast. I can make a workaround for all the sims... SCE and R3E with 900 degree, 32 lock is the same as 540 + 24, so it's not a problem... That way AC isn't messed up either. However in rF2, where the steering lock garage setting is limited and different for each car, nothing works... Car specific steering lock does't work. My wheel turn 900 degrees, in game wheel turns slower till the set degree...not following my wheel. When I first ran rF2 however, it worked ,but set my profile lock to that specific car's lock... I hope you understand what I'm trying to say... Any workaround for rF2 that you know of? Or are there profiles or something?

Question B: During the auto calibration when starting the PC, the wheel hits it's limit harder when turning right compared to when turning left. Is it a bad sign? Running latest firmware and driver...

However as a positive, the fan turns off quite fast :)

EDIT: I was wrong, the fan never stops :/
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