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T LCM Pedals potential issue


In the pic above I now have some free play between pedal and spings assembly. I don't need to push down to remove the spring assembly. I have in the spring assembly in order from bottom:
Red spring
Plastic spacer for red spring
Two rubber spacers
5 washers to remove preload
Preload spring
Plastic spacer
Grey spring
Top chrome T Spacer (not sure what to call it)

I think the issue may lie in the pedal, and that it can now be pulled back further then previously. I have only had the pedals for 2 weeks.

Anyone else encounter this?
on the underside of the pedals.. u can tighten the brake . it looks like a guitar amp jack in the middle of it.. also kinda looks like a place to put a screw to mount the pedals. but its not meant for that. lol .
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