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symmons plains track fault

Symmons plains track locks car in pit and game needs to be reset .Track works well but problem with pitstop proceedure. Anybody have a Symmons Plains ams track that works?
Hey I downloaded the Smokey1226 Symmons Plains SCE version and it seems to work fine. I'll see if I can fix these terrible skies and send it to you. ;)
- Updated the skies/horizon
- Removed false track cuts
- Updated color and darkened it up a bit overall
- Tested pit stops
- Update groove skid marks
- Update trees lodin/lodout

Tested with the Formula Reiza and everything seems to work as it should.
I am not a very good modder but I can generally get things to work. ;)

DM sent with the download link. And anyone else who has my MEGA tracks list, I added this to it.