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Authorised Vendor Symdeck Racing Simulators

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Hello fellow sim enthusiasts. I'm not sure why it has taken us so long to post here but I would like to introduce you to Symdeck, a UK based company and our modular motion system. Here's a video showing me test our latest addition to our lineup which adds sway to provide a 6DOF+ motion system. The plus being our self-tensioning harness give extra feel to braking.

The principle is simple, each module replicates a certain DOF/s and can be used either on its own or with any other module to add whatever motion is important to you. Each module is self-contained, requires no assembly, just plug in power and USB, and with a flat top area is ideally suited to add motion or new motion to your existing setup. They literally sit one on top of each other and are driven by software such as Simtools and we provide profiles for you get running straight away.

Starting from the bottom up the lineup consists of the following products:

TL/TLS - The TL replicates traction loss, pivoted right at the front and offers +/- 5 degrees of rotation. The TLS adds sway, this product is still in testing and is shown in the video above. The traction loss is driven by a separate actuator.

s1 - This replicates surge and also gives you a kick when you change gear.

s2/s3 - The s2 offers pitch and roll. The s3 adds heave. It is set as default to offer 5 degrees of pitch and roll at the same time and still have 30mm of heave.

Symbelt - The self tensioning harness pulls on the crotch strap as well as the shoulder straps which means you feel it all over your torso.

You can see some examples of customers adding our products to their existing setups here:

We have our own cockpit but you are free to use other suppliers. We also offer DD wheels, loadcell pedals, speed fans and many other accessories. There is also a range of motion products for console users.

Please visit our website and if you have any questions I'll be happy to answer them. I'll add more info here as well.

We will be letting people test drive our 6DOF+ system on 17-18 September at the Elite London Show https://www.theeliteevents.com/london/ here in the UK or you can book a visit to our Staffordshire showroom.

Thank you for reading.


Authorised Vendor

Symdeck will be exhibiting at the Classic Motor Show 12-14 November. Come along to Hall 2 at the Birmingham NEC for a test drive.


Authorised Vendor
Unfortunately due to Covid we are unable to exhibit at this weekends Classic Motor Show. We will however be at other shows in the new year.


Authorised Vendor
Symdeck sound test

We are often asked how quiet our motion system is so here's a video demonstrating it. I've put the game sound on first for reference. www.symdeck.com