Syber Vapour


Feb 13, 2015
Hi guys, new around here. Not sure if this is the right place to post this but anyway..

Since it seems like Sony / Logitech will not be providing support for my less than half a year old G27 any time soon I have decided not to buy a PS4 and have been looking into the possibility of PC sim racing for the first time. As I know next to nothing about building PC's I would prefer not to go down that route (even though I know it can be a lot cheaper), and I like the ease of use the consoles provide which lead me to finding this:

So my question is this. Do you think the base spec (Vapour A) would be sufficient enough to play some of the recent and upcoming PC sims (Project Cars in mind) at half decent settings. Not worried about having everything on the highest settings. As far as I can tell this meets the recommended specs for Project Cars, Assetto Corsa etc but I fear I may be missing something as at that price it seems too good to be true!

Andrew Harper

Dec 1, 2014
Hi @JohnDOG

I have a similar sort of situation to yourself in that I need to upgrade from the slightly elderly PC I currently use and get something much faster for the next gen of racing sims.

The PC link you've provided lists PC's that are fine but I wouldn't bother with the $599.99 one. The specs are too low. Sorry.

The route I'm planning is to try and get the best motherboard, CPU, Memory combination I can afford and then if I need to upgrade the graphics later I can.

Where are you based? Chillblast and Scan in the UK make some amazing stuff.

I think you'll need a mammoth PC to run Project Cars on near max. The videos I've seen of wet races would require a huge amount of processing power, 6 core i7 is ideal. But until I see proper reviews I can't be sure. a GTX 970 based graphics card is probably also a must.

I posted a subject a few months back and most users of AC are using overclocked 4.5Ghz machines, which gives you an idea of how much horsepower (excuse the pun) you might need, and AC is actually not that high on small detail. I noticed when I drove a beta of Project Cars the objects have a lot more detail on them over AC which puts even more strain on the system. Which to be fair you wouldn't even notice at 100mph :roflmao:

Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Dec 26, 2006
I am not much of a hardware expert myself but the third option looks pretty low end to me for a new pc.

4GB RAM is pretty much on the low side nowadays and I am not to thrilled about that video card either. The first package looks much better but is way overpriced.

If you find somebody that can build a pc for you should be able to build such a high end system for less than 1000 bucks for sure.