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MGP14 Suzuki GSX-RR Mod help

I'm trying to get KennyBaroz Suzuki texture mod to work with a fast bike. I love his texture it is really excellent work but unfortunately created for a bike that is so pathetically slow that the mod is barely useful.

Now as usual I tried anything I could think of to get this on with myself but there was always a problem.

The first thing I tried was just swapping the meshes of PBM and Ducati bike, then dropping the Suzuki textures on the Ducati. It worked like a charm, the mesh got replaced, the texture working nicely, the rider textures overwritten BUT...no number would show up. I can not explain how this happens, it is not the Suzuki texture's fault it happens after replacing the Ducati bike's mesh. It will just show no number, neither rider number nor custom number. Strange.

Next idea was applying the mod as intended and tweaking the physics of the PBM bike. For some reason the PBM.bml file is absolutely useless. When I change the fMaxTorque on Ducati or Yamaha the slightest change has a huge impact on the speed but tweaking PBM.bml does nothing. Not at all.

Also even with improved speed this bike is still super shitty and thus never worthy of a Suzuki. I tried to get other bikes whose bml can be modded to be as good as the Ducati but no success. The .bml handles nothing but the engine, Honda.bml, Ducati.bml and Yamaha.bml are identical to the byte.

Now there is another .bml not for every team but for every manufacturer. Also there is physics data inside vehicleproperties. I swapped all those data but could never get any bike to behave like the Ducati. The only thing that is working for me is tweaking the engine .bml file but on the PBM bike not even that works.

I'm out of ideas. I do not want to sound like I wasn't thankful for people making awesome textures for free but I must say especially because I find Kenny's work so adorable and amazing why is this texture only working for a useless machine. Now it's your turn guys :)
Hi mate, I made a suzuki skin to overwrite the forward yamahas a few months ago, that might be what you're looking for, has pit textures and everything :p http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/team-suzuki-2015-complete.3240/

If you copied the suzuki numbers over the ducati numbers then it may be as simple as the number not being in the correct place within the DDS file. I've accidently saved numbers with too smaller pixel count and ended up with the number showing up massive on the bike. Otherwise I'm not sure what the problem is.

Another option is rkh's 2015 performance mod, I believe that improves the pbm bike although I've not tried it myself. :)

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