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Suzuka - Driving tips

Discussion in 'F1 2016 - The Game' started by Giovaneveterano, Nov 9, 2016.

  1. Giovaneveterano


    ogp.jpg 2000px-Suzuka_circuit_map_(1987-2002).svg.png
    The Suzuka International Racing Course (鈴鹿サーキット), is a motorsport race track located in Ino, Suzuka City. Its first open was back in 1962, the current track has 17 corners along 5.8km and a capacity of 155,000.
    Suzuka is the 17th round of the F1 2016 World Championship and since 1963 it's one of the most challenging and demanding tracks on the planet.
    That's why we love so much the Suzuka Circuit and it's consider from the whole Motorsport fans a rare holy masterpiece.

    Its understanding is a matter of racing ability and drive around there fast and constant is a challenge. Different lines means different driving styles and even with a well balanced setup the lap time could not be improved.
    So I'm talking supposing a good setup behind a clean and consistent driver: which are your personal tips for some crucial corners?
    Don't just answer to watch some YT onboard because I watched a lot of them, this thread it's just to talk together about OUT personal way to drive this track.

    Here's some crucial points:
    First Turn: I dive into it not deep, not wide, but just to carry as much speed as I can at the exit out of turn 2 in 4th gear. By doing this I prevent lockup of the front right wheel.
    Someone else may prefer dive into it very deep and then tightening the corner into the apex of turn 2 to have a straighter line.
    The outer curb of turn 2 is nasty, I always avoid it with both of left wheels, I always end my lap into the gravel when I go wide there on the throttle.
    S-section: This section makes the lap. You have to do it right from start to finish without any type of mistake. The entry of turn 3 is quite tricky: I stay all the way right, I brake gentle just to make the car flowing on the left to not compromise the entry of turn 4. This is the most doubtful corner of the S-section.
    Turn 9: It's the anonymus right-handed corner just after the Degner, it's easy to lose time here by braking too late and compromise the exit with both wheel on the curb. I prefer brake earlier and let the car flow in 3rd gear and try to come back as soon as possible on the throttle.
    The Hairpin: I lose 3 tenth every time here on the brakes, I don't know even why, maybe it's just the camber of the wheels. The most obvious way to do it is to hit the apex just at half corner and exit on the right, but this line compromise the traction because I stay too much time on steering
    The Spoon
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  2. ivo63


    Bravooo fai anche per altri circuiti se è possibile