Support for STL attachments

Hello all,

I apologize if this is already covered in a different thread, I did a quick search and did not find anything definitive. Is there any technical limitation or perhaps security concern in adding stl's as an attachable file extension? Perhaps this is already possible and I am just missing something? Personally I have created a few models in Fusion 360 (Heusinkveld pedal mod, vocore display housing) that I would be happy to share with the RD community. But it seems I am unable to attach them on existing threads. I have also tried adding them as a zip and ran into the same issue. I suppose if I really had to I could create a Thingaverse account but I would prefer to avoid that if possible. More or less just wondering the site administrators stance on the topic. Thanks for your time everyone.
Yea I suppose that could be an option. I think there are certain scenarios where changing the extension can render the file useless even after changed back to the correct type. This would require some additional testing however.


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Just to be clear, I don't suggest removing the .stl and replacing it with .txt but rather adding it to the existing filename. For example, "model.stl.txt" rather than "model.txt"

Hope that makes sense