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Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by m2kln, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. m2kln


    i am very new to the Formula 1 2010 , but i like the challenge game so i started a career 7 years expert mode with legend AI and all assists off except for the traction control its medium
    when i played the Bahrain track the best i can do with the lotus is 2:01:xx up to 2:03:xx
    is there any advice how should i start my career setting should to net gut frustrated from the game cause when i tried the professional AI i found it so easy
  2. Eric Parker

    Eric Parker

    Practice and know the tracks. Try to drive to the track as much as possible, but avoid collisions when necessary. Read the track guides, give or take doing to set up, but they are a good place to start. Don't pit when the you are told, pit a lap earlier or later to avoid the pit bug. Be patient and learn and get better.
  3. My993C2


    If you are playing the PC version there are a number of mods you can use to make the AI more competitive versus what Code Masters has given us out of the box. First off download the AI Toolkit (it will offer you the most flexibility through trial and error to setup the AI to compete at your present skill level). There is also an AI mod I like (True AI version 1.4) and this will also greatly improve the game.

    As far as 2:01:xx at Bahrain in the Lotus, with some more practice you should be able to shave a second or two more off of that time. But the Lotus is the Lotus so don't expect to be competing with Red Bull, McLaren, Ferrari, Mercedes, Force India and Renault in qualifying. Finally if you have not read this, in practice and in qualifying you may notice you can drive around the track at the same pace as the AI cars but the lap times will be different. The AI lap times in practice and qualifying are invented out of thin air based on the database file you have installed. There are some modded versions of this database file you can download and the toolkit also allows you to modify the database file. I highly recommend you start with a modded database file and then tweak it with the toolkit as the database file Code Masters gave us is a joke. Of course if you are using a console version of the game, I don't think you can mod it so you will just need to practice and find what works for you to make the game fun.

    Good luck ... I find driving the cars in this game to be a lot of fun, but the AI can be really retarded at times. Oh and install the patch if you have not done so. The pit bug is really annoying and as Eric P has already mentioned, pit one lap before or one lap after your race engineer recommends you pit. It just makes things easier and helps limit the time your lolly pop man will hold you up in the pits.
  4. Iulian Cezar

    Iulian Cezar

    That really does not work for me. Basically if I'm pitted and AI cars are entering the pits, there is a very high probability I will be held up for 10+ seconds. It doesn't matter if its 1 lap offset, usually I do 3 laps offset just so I won't have any problems, especially if I am doing a Trully train.

    Is there no mod out there that fixes this? Something that would force the loliman to just let you go as soon as the tires get changed? Maybe modifying a value in the database?
  5. Craig Whitmore

    Craig Whitmore

    Unfortunately, there isn't a mod for the pit stop issue as far as I know. It is very frustrating when you pit way before someone and you end up waiting for new pit entries to leave before you.

    There have been numerous threads about this, from what I gather, the code for determining when you leave the pit is hard coded into one of the game files and not a configurable one, or it still hasn't been found yet.
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