SuperV8 - setup and handling tips


Anyone got any setup/handling tips for the V8s?

I can normally hold my own with any tintop in GSCE against the AI, but these V8's are killing me, losing 2-3 seconds per lap on shorter courses to the AI.

Bit embarrassing as I like to think of myself as a bit of a Tourer buff. Heh :)
I'm mostly a setup heretic, but tried a couple of things and pretty much made it worse.

Having real problems getting them to turn in enough, so missing apexes, and way slower coming out of a corner so lose a lot of time down long straights.

All help and suggestions welcome. :)
I don't know much about setting up the V8's but I wouldn't measure myself against AI with the amount of traction and grip they can have at times


Correct and that all depends on the talent files, whether the AI are even reading them and AIW file of the the track, there are so many variants when it comes to the AI


Only tip i can offer is brake 50m sooner than you normally would in other cars.
Soften the front ARB 1 or 2 clicks.
The Super V8's are all about straight line power. They are not known for their braking and turning ability. The SV8's are slow in / fast out. :thumbsup:
The next update will make the SuperV8 AI a lot better to race against. As far as driving these beasts, all I can say is crank the brake bias rearward and learn to love trail braking ;) The SuperV8 is one of those incredible rare cars in sim racing that are mostly dependent on driving style instead of finding the magic setup.


I think I might have used it. I just need to sit down and work on the style necessary to drive it. I'm much more accustomed to cars that let you want to oversteer than ones with far more porcine qualities.

Will Mazeo

These cars are much more about you adapting to them than the contrary. Some setup changes help tho. For me I like soft roll bars and low brake pressure
Racing online with them is amazing. Can't wait for our league to start :cool:
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