SuperCharged Miata Level1

Cars SuperCharged Miata Level1 V1.32

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Jan 7, 2013
Gijs van Elderen submitted a new resource:

SuperCharged Miata Level1 - SuperCharged Miata Level1

feature list:
  • slightly improved graphics
  • car camera improvements
  • minor bug fixes
  • 1008 degree wheel rotation option in tuning
  • 5 or 6 speed gearbox option in tuning
  • Visibly wider tires (225/50/15s vs. 205/50/15s)

As with the SpecMiata mod - beta period is over.

I've attempted to address most issues. Those fixes were retro-fitted those into SpecMiata 1.2

Also setup in GetMod

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Jan 7, 2013
Gijs van Elderen updated SuperCharged Miata Level1 with a new update entry:

SuperCharged Miatas Level 1

Great car made by PlickBadger. :thumbsup:

All new interior and wheel graphics by MikeeCZ. These will likely be the final versions of these.

v1.3 to v1.32 changelog
  • mirror LOD fixed for non-max viewing - black line issue
  • gauges color darkened
  • gauges viewable externally
  • cockpit leather texture fixed
  • headlights no longer flicker
  • lods on wheels fixed
  • minor graphic glitches cleaned up

Also setup in getmod. Enjoy!

The only physics update is a reduction in the...

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