Super V8 = no starter motor?


I'm no petrol head so please forgive my potentially naive question, but are the Super V8s meant to have their own ignition and starter etc? Or if you come a cropper and stall on track (as I often do) is that meant to be race over?


Hmmm. Let me rephrase it, can I start the car in-game if I'm not in the pits?
Didn't know a car in SCE can stall (thought they'd always just start when leaving the pits from the garage) :redface: Learning something new again :)

(BTW, thanks for the PC settings you PMed yesterday.)


or if you are driving in single player mode, let ai take control for a second and the car starts again, a little dirty but it works :D


Right on Brother, I hear ya, it's all good.
Don't know in real life about the v8, but the formulas don't have a starter so most people just use autoclutch and it will restart.

Davy Vandevenne

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But still, should it be able to restart? And if it does, why doens't it work when pushing the ingnition button, while in other cars it works?
It should start but you also need a start button. Hold down the ignition and then hit the start button. You need to assign these buttons in your controls of course.


like Davy said if you set a button for the ignition and starter if you stall the car will start ;)
Well I've set both ignition and starter and cannot get the SV8 to start under any circumstances once I'm out of the pits. It's either bug or a design decision, not sure which.


It could be a simply entry in the engine ini or HDV file (can't remember which one) called "onboardstarter" same as the launch control?
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