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EU Super Trofeo @ Paul Ricard - Tue 23rd Jul 2019

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Competizione Racing Club' started by Daniel Monteiro, Jul 16, 2019.

Added to Calendar: 23-07-19
  1. JussiS


    I was little bit tight on fuel so started to coast a bit. Also few little mistakes where some seconds were lost.

    I guess you had less rear wing as you seemed to catch me all the time on long straight? Seemed to be ~0,5 seconds you catch me there but I think I was same amount quicker on the turns.. I had 14 (3 clicks from aggressive default) rear wing if I remember correctly. That was the most I dared to lower as I was making this change blind just before quali.
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  2. Daniel Monteiro

    Daniel Monteiro
    Staff Premium

    My thoughts exactly! First time on this track and I though it would be a boring one but it quickly turned out to be one of my favourite. Or maybe it's just ACC :D

    I can't say what wing setting I had, because I don't know :p I added one click (+0.1psi) to the front right tyre, other than that I was running default setup (is default the safe one or the aggressive one ?:unsure:?), and lowered the TC and ABS a couple of clicks.

    The tank had 80 litres for the race so I guess I might have had a bit more fuel to spare and attack towards the end - I had 2 or 3 litres left.

    I also decided to try braking a bit harder and later in a few corners in the last 10-15 laps, so that might also have helped, although I did feel that the tyres were suffering big time because of that, I would not have managed that pace for the whole race :rolleyes:
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