DiRT Rally 2.0 Suggestions for better control in rainy gravel stages

I'm absolutely frustrated beyond belief with the rainy gravel stages, as it feels like your tires are completely bald and have zero tread. It's even worse than driving on ice, which I've done for the better part of my life. Every time I try and take a corner I heel toe down to the next gear and get ready for some swing, but it never comes. My steering just locks up, and the brakes do jack ****, it seems.

Please share any suggestions that you have, I'd really appreciate it.
It sounds like you may need to lower your overall braking force and move the balance towards the rear. Add negative camber and toe-out, soften the shocks, springs, and bars. You can tweak the diff settings too. Utilize the Scandinavian flick to initiate the turn and scrub speed.

John Buffum says "In like a lamb, out like a lion" in reference to cornering technique. It seems to work.