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Suggestion: Approval for streaming.

Hi, since we are not allowed to stream if we don't get everyone's approval.

Can we maybe add an extra requirement while signing up for races?

Example: sign me up with 911. Allow to stream: yes/no.

I don't know, just a thought.

Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Just ask it on Discord when the drivers are there if anybody has an objection and you are fine mate.

Personally I hate it when people stream discord chat without even asking for an okay.

UMC 22

Given that people's main objection to streaming is that they don't want their comms chatter being broadcast, the simple solution is to eliminate it from your stream altogether. You can do that and still use Discord/TeamSpeak at the same time by using a little app called Audio Router. Use it to duplicate the sim's audio onto a channel you're not actually using, and then set your streaming software to capture audio from that channel. That'll be all your viewers hear, and meanwhile you can still hear the sim and voice comms yourself.


I think the approval process needs revisiting, i've participated in two events since signing up with RD and both were streamed and uploaded to Youtube without anyone asking for permission of all the participants.

Rule 11: It's strictly forbidden to record and broadcast the real names of our members and/or TeamSpeak voice-chat via YouTube, Twitch and/or other media unless you have permission from all the drivers in the session to stream it.

Strictly forbidden is quite clear, yet as a new member it's happened in 100% of the races i've participated in so far. There appears to be an assumption that everyone is fine with it unless they say so, that's not how the rule is written though.


For the record, i say it just needs removing completely. It's not being followed so may as well not be there. This will strengthen the remaining rules which are being followed.


This is a bit of a gravedig but I am having the same dilemma. I'd like to stream/record my POV from the GT3 Sprint Series starting this Tuesday, but I really don't have any experience doing so.

It seems the Audio Router link in the above post is broken. Does anyone have any suggestions? Or perhaps the rule has been amended in some form?