Suede bashing

Rob Every

May 31, 2008
Not sure if anyone has noticed this too...

Can anyone tell me the history beind the original STCC mod> Was it tested in beat form over there by Simbin or something>

Reason being, there are a few guys with Swedish names racing and they tend to only appear on that mod alone and hacve been from the start.

They are siply unbeatable at most of the tracks and it leads me to believe they have some sort of extra experience or something/

I am thinking they might have been beta testersm, was the STCC mod a kind of skin for Swedish players in their country?

Just seems very impossoble to beat the buggers thats all, despite months of practice! And being able to beat most but the aliens on nornal servers!!

Accidents and stuff permitting!
Oct 24, 2008
As has been said, STCC has been out for ages - I'm sure I got it over a year ago. I guess Swedish players are more likely to spend more time racing in their national series so they can be expected to be pretty good.