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Suddenly Need to Renew?

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Kyle Evers, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. Kyle Evers

    Kyle Evers

    For some reason whenever I try to open rFactor, it comes up with the screen that asks if I want to Buy/Unlock the game even though I've already had it for like a year. I click "Buy/Unlock," and since I don't remember my original activation code, I entered my e-mail to get it. But then it said there was no purchase record from the e-mail. I've tried more than one e-mail address. It seemed that this happened right after I installed V1.2 of the Endurance Series. Any help?
  2. Rob Every

    Rob Every

    Kyle I had exactly the same problem a few weeks ago as you may find on an earlier thread.

    I think what is going on is that someone has lost a lot of our details as I was told that the person who was linked to my number was not even living in the UK!

    I am slightly worried that my details may have been sold on to someone so changed my card etc.

    To get the game working again you need to contact Trymedia, they will be able to sort you out. It took me quite a while but I eventually got it sorted and now have all the installs I need.

    Use the help files on the screen when you try to unlock and contact I think puscashing. I had trouble coz I chanegd my emeil address etc since buying.

    I ahd the same thing after 1.1, that was bugged out so not sure why
  3. Kyle Evers

    Kyle Evers

    So I have to contact Trymedia?
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