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Suddenly...A VR Problem For Me in AC

Tonight I was running an offline race vs AI at Donington Park in AC when, with 2 laps to go the view in VR suddenly started rotating to the left. IOW, it's as if my head was on a swivel slowly turning to the left. I could re-center the view, but it immediately continued to rotate.

Naturally, it caused me to go off into the weeds and as I sat there, it made a complete 360 every 25-30 seconds.

Got out and re-started the race and it immediately started rotating again.

This is the first time this has happened. I'm using Content Manager and a Samsung Odyssey+ if that matters.

Can anyone explain how/why this is happening and how to correct it?

I have the O+ and I suffer this too. I think it because the inside out tracking relies on what it has been set up to 'see' in the calibration stage. My indoor lights are not sufficient, and I have to recalibrate whenever I transisition from day time use to evening use.