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Sudden Texture and Object flickering

I've been playing with the same PPFilter and GFX/CSP (0.1.62) settings for some time now, the only thing that has changed is that CM updated once and it updated the data about 2 times.
All of the sudden i have heavy screen flickering on many textures (they flicker to a red-ish tone) and even object flickering. Sometimes i can get through a race without issues and after that i return to the same track and it's like that. The issue happens more often on custom tracks but it also happens on Kunos ones. I already tried that fix related to "extension/config/tracks" but to no avail.
The Graphics drivers are also the same, i have not messed with the card parameters and no other game has issues with flickering/tearing/other issues.
If i take a screenshot, the image comes out clean. Help?
After quite some time i managed to solve this issue at least for 99% of the time it seems. If anyone has this as well, try the following:

On CSP's General Patch Settings:

Optimizations - Disable "DXGI Flip Model" and "Force UAV Flag"

CPU Optimizations - Disable "Limit some things if there are a lot of cars"

GPU Optimizations - "Opt. Draw Order", "Opt. Meshes" and "Opt. Meshes Some More" - Enabled, and disable "Deduplicate Meshes"

I also reccommend resetting your shader cache on your GFX card software (Radeon Settings or nVidia Panel) whenever you start seeing some sudden graphical issues that were not present before.

I didn't see any solution for this and no one has replied to my post, so i hope that my solution can help someone experiencing the same issue as me.