Released Subida a la Manzana v1.0 [HillClimb]

Subida a la Manzana v1.0 [HillClimb] By SISCO

Stage: Subida a la Manzana v1.0
Place : Villaviciosa (Asturias) Spain
Distance: 3.5km
Autor: SISCO
Surface: Tarmac
Contributors: Zaxxon (Method Zaxxon)
Released: 100% v1.0
Information: Here
Subida a la manzana v1.0 (version_RX)
Subida a la manzana v1.0 (version_RXRSRBR)

Intro Promocional

Special thanks: Zaxxon, Liquido, Parlesportes, Bob Pritchard, jay_p_666, Kytt




Thank you SISCO, the track is amazing! The Masterpiece. I wonder how you guys do such beatiful tracks so fast, while I'm fighting with nodes ;)
Can you export it to Rfactor to, Please? its a real blast to watch the videos. Would be great to have that one in rfactor. ;)

Dinos I

Can anyone please help me, when I load this track I get a black screen. I hear the sounds but the screen is black and if I press Escape the game pauses but the menu doesn't appear either.
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