Stupid Questions About Force Feedback

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    My first post here, sorry it is so long...

    Got a wheel for about 4 months now and I'm not sure it ever felt right. It is Logitech Wingman formula force GP (the red one). I cant affort anything better and I dont think there is anything wrong with the wheel itself, force feedback works quite well and is wery strong, the pedals are precise enough and the degrees of rotation (180) are enough and even feel too much sometimes compared to what i had before (40 degrees or so with my homemade thingy).

    I did the ligotech profiler settings when i got it on the basis of some forum recomendation (107 overall effects strength, center spring, damping and spring effect to off and zero. During that time, the driving with it never felt quite right, kinda muddy and wierd, but most of the time I suspected the problem is with me. My main sim is Grand Prix Legends, but it was especialy true with other simulators: rfactor, witch was bearable with default ffb and absolutely dreadful with realfeel, gtr2, gtl was quite bad, recently got a basic subscription for iracing and it wasnt quite right neither, tho the ffb bar wasnt showing any clipping... GSC 2011 kinda feels ok, and the only one that actually feels perfect is... Next Car Game, that might or might not completely ignore logitech profiler settings. Any arcade games I tried actually felt totaly awful with wheel (grid 1, well, nfs shift 2 was kinda ok, but drifitng was impossible.) Also, i totally couldnt finish a single lap in the rfactor 2 demo.

    Recently I noticed on some youtube videos (Rutgerskev, Niels Heusinkveld) that they can drive with one hand or while barely holding the wheel with the tips of their fingers, which I definetly couldnt do. Also recently I noticed that in gpl everything feels much better, if i set the steering ratio to 7:1 (and that with 180 deg wheel and full linearity). After a 50 laps race in monaco, I also noticed that my wrists hurt like hell. After that I did a mod for the shift paddles, making them long and round, and it turned out amazingly, but im not sure it helped.

    And yesterday i finally started messing with logitech profiler... set the overall effects to 90 and the improvement was huge. Now I can actually steer with one hand, minor steering inputs dont require any force, and the wheel gets wery light in the direction the car is turning... on the other hand, in gpl and iracing there is almost no feeling in the center, and the wheel doesnt countersteer by itself or somehow does it over the top or too late. The Niels mods in rfactor do that now tho, and realfeel feels quite good...

    Btw, in gpl I use brr's mod with 300 maximum force in gem...tried 400, but i think that or any other ingame settings in any sim do the same thing as the logitech profiler setting.

    I dont know how much of that is entirely subjective, but the best way to describe it is, that i want to feel able to position the car on track at any minute where I want it to, Instead of having to react after the fact. I know, it isnt clear at all,but it isnt clear to me neither.

    Also, i have never driven real car or already setup simulator, so i have no idea how it should feel... In result of that, I have tons of questions, that are so stupid, that im not sure i should even ask them.

    But anyway, can anyone explain to me, like to a 5 year old, what is force feedback sopposed to do? How to analyse problems with it? How would a wheel react in different situations, in real car or sim? What the logitech profiler settings do relative to the ingame settings? Does linearity or steering ratio have any effect? How much force should there be at certain situations? How should i feel the forces? How should i hold the wheel? Yeah, i could go on and on...

    Only things i could find on the internet were specific settings for specific wheels with specific games...And how should I know if the guy posting these settings isnt also a bodybulder, while im quite the opposite of that?

    Well, probably no one can explain these things and there is no use of that post, but whatever...