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Save Game Stunt Satsuma Save Game 1.0

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Dec 28, 2018
NinjaNerd9812 submitted a new resource:

Stunt Satsuma Save Game - The Satsuma Is Now A Offroad Stunt Car

Welcome To My Save Game! This Save Game Has A
Stock Satsuma With Long Coil Springs Stock Wheels
With Old Tires!
And Its Great At Offroad!

NOTE: I have crashed This car a lot and blew it up a lot
and there is some missing parts like the shock absorvers

Why is There No Shcok Absorvers?
I was driving the shitsuma and then the engine fell out and the shock
absorvers! I dident find the shock absorvers but I fixed the engine!
Its Also pretty Bumpy on eny road theres a 100% chance that the
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