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WRC9 Struggling with WRC 9 physics

Hi all,

I'm after a bit of advice on WRC 9 please. I've played about 80 hours of Dirt Rally 2.0 and recently picked up WRC 9 again and I've got a couple of issues with the physics compared to DR 2, namely -

1) The cars seems to overturn really easily, I can be travelling at 30mph, hit a small bump and over it goes
2) I can only describe the grip as a bit "slippery", I find catching oversteer particularly tricky

As far as point 1 goes, "git gud, scrub" right? But I was wondering if anyone feels the same about point 2 and / or I've got the settings on my wheel wrong.

I'm using a Thrustmaster TMX and the settings are mainly based on setups I've seen on YouTube but the biggest issue I have is the backend overtaking the frontend so quickly that I can't catch it with counter steer quick enough.

Any thoughts, input, tips, advice etc would be great! The career mode in WRC 9 is leagues ahead of DR 2 so I'd love to play it and enjoy it properly!




Same experience here. For me it helped with smooth acceleration, reading the road, let up a wee bit over severe bumps etc. and ye olde trick of practising. I still get caught out as I learn new stages but now it usually just slows me down instead of a full crash.
Yeah I think that's a fair point actually, I just need to give it time really. DR 2 was so hard when I first started as well so I shall just plug away!