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Struggling with Lights patch Rain Install

Hi Im struggling to setup AC with rain mods.

I remember it getting it running about a year ago....but installed new Sim Racing Rig Triple monitors ang getting back into this.

I have installed Content Manager,installed SOL 2.1.3 installed shaders.
I remember subbing to a Patreon Rain Modder and downloading a Lights Patch. I recently found his and its marked 0.152

However i cant get any rain to appear at all in game,the wipers come on but no rain. Is there a new tutorial i can follow that will get the rain mods to work? DO i need to install older SOL version? Or do i need to pay Patreon again for an update to get it to work?



0.152 ??? it's a very old version.
Even with no Patreon the best I could get ( but still didn't by choice ) is 0.175

You should have the possibility to get a good update within Content Manager.... the normal version of course without rain but
I don't know how it can work to have the special Patreon versions after a reinstall if you were OK with the Patreon.

You might have a perfect answer on their CM-CSP Discord.

EDIT: go to Content Manager Settings Custom Shader Patch and you'll see newer possible versions to download and install ... just click the most recent one.
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