struggling on certain tracks - 100% race only

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by WraithRacingF60, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. WraithRacingF60


    hi, does anyone else struggle on these tracks , barcelona, monaco, hungaroring, the first 2 i cant anywhere near the times, the other i qualy on pole with 1.22.020, but in race trim i just go backwards.

    3rd season , ferrari , prof , tyres on , fuel on , traction control on , spent hours , days practising and end up with nothing, if anyone as got any good ideas, let me know please.
  2. Nicolas van de Velde

    Nicolas van de Velde

    Well if I want to learn a specific track, there's always a certain routine I follow, maybe that can also help you improve at those tracks.

    1. Take a look at the track guide which got the circuit layout, instructions on how to take corners and real on-board cams
    2. I go looking for a good setup that suits my driving style
    3. I take a peek at Steve Stoop's videos to see how he goes around the track (his commentary is always useful as well!)
    4. I download a ghost of one of the top drivers in time trial to follow around (not ideal for grand prix because the track doesn't provide as much grip, but you can learn a few tricks on how to take a corner faster)
    5. I practice
    6. I practice even more
    7. I'm fed up practicing, but do a few more laps just for the heck of it =)

    If you've already found all this information, then you're beyond my help, since I'mp just an amateur myself ;) I'm sure others can provide more help!
  3. Michael Vinall

    Michael Vinall

    You should try watching youtube video's for some of the tracks you're struggling on as I've found relying on the best line assist can actually be counter-productive on certain tracks. The track guide's Nicolas referenced are also helpful.

    If you go into a Time Trial session and simply experiment with different lines I find it helps much more than wizzing around during practice sessions as you have a comparison and know where you can improve.

    Racing Catalunya against AI has always been an issue for me though I'm currently only racing for mid-class teams and the car itself could always be the problem, online I'm average but even my qualifying times during career mode are way off where they should be compared with the other tracks.

    Monaco can be a pain, I'm normally very competitive during practice and qualifying and can place pole in both as Force India in my second season (Legend AI w/ mixed assists). However during the race it's the easiest track for me to catch a curb and spin or going way wide and breaking the front wing, I'm fairly consistent with times on most tracks, not in Monte Carlo it seems :redface:.

    I would really recommend going into Time Trail mode for Hungary, I found in a lot of corners you can accelerate much faster out of corners than I originally was, I was really crawling out of the 2nd and hadn't even realised as the AI can be quite submissive.

    Overall the message is, have a look around and keep practicing!
  4. AlexKrelin


    The coding for AI is weird. On Catalunya they are insanely fast, it's impossible to race them. On Monaco you just need to practice a lot.
  5. Ljubisa_frizer


    I think there is problem with fuel sim on, because your oponents doeasent stuggle with it,one more bug. I am not 100% sure , never drove 100% race, but i read somwere about that problem, especially on 100% race you are much heavier than others
  6. Chris Bell

    Chris Bell

    Theres allways going to be a Trulli Train behind you at Catalunya, all you can do is drive a W I D E car :) S2 is where the problem is, you can match them in S1 and S3 but i always lose 1sec in S2
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