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Strange Weekend at Monaco

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Chris, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. Chris

    Staff Premium

    TLDR: Red flags seem to bug out this game.

    Okay so i'm not sure if anyone has experience anything else like this but here goes.

    Race: Monaco.
    Grid: P10
    Force India.
    Forecast: 32% chance of rain.

    Stint 1:
    Okay so the race began, and all was well, at about lap 14 I got told by my race engineer that there was rain expected in the next fifteen minutes. I was starting on used option tyres, and figured, that i might as well drive smoothly and not take too much out of the tyres so that i dont have to pit before the rain comes for another set of dry tyres, before ultimately having to pit again for a set of Inters or Wets once the weather comes (Which is what the AI dont do because they're *le noob*).
    I managed to get through the first stint, until the track became too slippery in the wet for slick tyres, and i had to pit for inters on lap 25. My options were completely shot, turns out conserving tyres is more difficult than i thought, but none the less, i got the target lap, and pitted for inters as stated before.

    Stint 2:
    The second i come out of the pits with fresh inter's on, the safety car is deployed for a crash that has happened somewhere on the track. (First time i've seen the safety car in this game since i bought it!!! <---- positive sign!)
    Then as i trundle around the track in 9th place, as i get to the swimming pool section, there is a massive pile up, and i mean MASSIVE 13 cars DNF'd because of it, and i couldnt get through because there was no room, so eventually, the ghosting mechanism took over and i slipped through the carnage, and came out in 2nd place behind Massa. Then i went to pit for full wets as the rain was getting even heavier and i was losing a lot of grip in the inters (probably a big reason as to why there was that pile up, most of the AI were on inters in full wet conditions.)

    But as i went to pit, the red flag came out (First time i've seen that too!!) So the race was resumed on lap 27.

    And here's where it gets weird.

    1) The heavy torrential rain, had completely disappeared, and there was not a single cloud in the sky.

    2) Everyone was on wet tyres (or inters, depending on which ever tyre they were on at the time of the red flag deployment) on a bone dry track. I started in 2nd place and quickly overtook Massa at the start as i was on inters and he was on wets. However, even though i had just moved into the lead, the steering wheel delta still read "P02", as did the OSD, saying that Massa was still infront of me, even though i was about 4 seconds ahead at the end of the restart lap.

    Then at the end of the first lap after the restart, everyone pitted for dry tyres. I came out again, infront of everyone, and my steering wheel delta still read "P02". So pitting hadnt ironed out the glitch.

    And the on the out lap that i had pitted for fresh rubber, i crashed at casino on cold tyres and had to DNF the race. Which was no fault of the game, it was just driver error.

    Then, as i retired, the post race clippings came up, and said that i had finished ahead of my team mate, Di Resta who had DNF'd in the carnage, and that i should be proud. (yeah right.)

    But then when i check my emails, it says that Di Resta has out raced me 4-2. Now would be a good time to point out that it was 3-2 to Di Resta going into the race, and if the clippings, and the race director were correct (which they were) then it should have been all tied up at 3-3 races.

    So that was weird again.

    And that was my strange weekend at Monaco. Moral of the story: Red Flags dont like this game.
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  2. Jamie Fluke

    Jamie Fluke

    That's quite the event. My Monaco race got stopped on lap 1 when Kobayashi spun me coming out of Mirabeau (I was slow because I was trying to avoid Hamilton) and I got pushed sideways down towards the hairpin. The track slightly narrows and there was no room for anyone to go so race got red flagged and started again from lap 1. 6 cars retired I think and I started the race again from 11th (up 6 from my starting place) so I didn't mind :)
  3. Igor Filipić

    Igor Filipić

    I don't know what my race will be. Using damage mod. If i touch wall i will lose my front wing or even dnf from race.