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Strange track issue

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Graham Watson, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. Graham Watson

    Graham Watson

    Hi all, I have installed the track Limerock for Rfactor and find that the track loads sucssesfully but when I enter the car to drive I find that about once every second there is a flash, a bit like lightning and everything pauses and then returns to normal, then a second later it happens again and so on as long as I stay in the car. It makes it impossible to drive as you can imagine. The track is installed correctly as I have many other tracks that work fine. I have tried many different Mods and even the origonal carset to see if the problem was with a specific Mod but it happens with any carset. I wonder if any of you have experienced this problem? Any advice would be greatley appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    Solved it. Turns out I was missing a .dll file. Found out quite by accident while installing enb graphics settings.
  2. Can Ozcelik

    Can Ozcelik

    ctrl+f only fix i know :)
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