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Strange pull to left & right - FFB

Hi all,

I'm having some very strange FFB in RE3 at the moment.

Haven't been on it much recently until the last few day, been using ACC and AMS2.

When driving the FFB will start out fine for a lap or 2 but then all of a sudden the wheel will start pulling left or right with out end for what seems like no reason and this can swap back from left to right etc.

End result is I'm weaving around like an idiot.

Been happening in GTR2 cars and Audi TTs for sure as I was in them today but not really the GT3 and I'm also thinking being online might have something to do with it. It's strange I can race GT3's of line all day with no problem.

I'm using a TS-XW Racer and don't remember this happing before months ago.

Maybe I can tune this out with the FFB settings?

Just wondering if anyone else has had strange out of the blue pulling effects.

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UMC 22

This is a well-known issue affecting some Thrustmaster users, but by no means all. It started happening when flat-spotting tyres was introduced, but is hard for S3 to figure out since it doesn't affect everyone.

A temporary workaround is that they've disabled the flat-spot FFB effects on Thrustmaster wheels, but to take advantage of that you'll have to make a new profile from the defaults.

Also, please take a minute to post in this thread on the S3 forums as it might help narrow down what's causing this issue.