Strange gear shifting

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by tmansteve, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. tmansteve


    I tried out the BMW_E92GTR mod and found that when changing gear it was going through neutral all the time so the shift was slower. This happened with a Mini mod as well. I changed the settings in PLR for Fsone as the shift was too quick has this got anything to do with the BMW mod? I use the paddles to shift and it is really strange to see it go from 1st to neutral and then 2nd and so on. Any ideas or is a trate with some mods??

  2. Alexander Rhodes

    Alexander Rhodes

    It's not a mod trait, it's a sequential shift, different boxes should shift at different speeds, depending on the manufacturer and series it wsa intended for. All sequential shifters go through neutral between gears, just like you would when using a H-gate. Even formula 1 cars go through neutral, although it only takes 0.18 of a second for the computer to engage clutch, reduce revs, engage neutral, then new gear, release clutch not bad at all in 0.18 of a second eh :p
  3. jtbo


    In reality sequential box can go neutral only from 1st or reverse, one have to go trought 1st to get neutral from 2-Xth gear, but I have never made sequential in rFactor so don't know how that works.

    That is kind of where name sequential comes from, something that is lined one after another.

    Little I know from F1, it uses double clutch gearbox, where gear is pre-selected, kinda, too new tech for me to really care about it, but it is bit different from sequential.

    Sequential box:

    F1 box:

    I have made only H-boxes in rFactor, so I really don't know about how well different boxes are in rFactor, but I do know H-box lacking a bit with H-Shifter, I miss them crunches.

    In .hdv there was surely line sequential=0 or =1 if used sequential box?
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