Strange FFB

Tobbe Bergman

I have Fanatec's Clubsport Wheel base with BMW and Formula rims.
In Assetto Corsa and RBR the FFB is totally awesome but in GSC it is really sloppy and loose.

It's a bit better when you're driving fast but generally the FFB is not good at all in my opinion.
It's very uneven and the closer to the center the sloppier and looser it is !

I have it set to -100 in game !

Would be nice if there was a fix for this MAJOR issue with the sim !

Right now the Sim is just not enjoyable at all !

Wheel | Fanatec CSW + BMW rim + Formula rim | Pedals CSP V2 | Cockpit CSL Seat |

Fanatec Wheel Tuning Menu | SEn: OFF | FF: 100 | SHo: 100 | AbS: 90 | LIn: OFF | dEA: OFF | drI: 001 | For: 100 | SPr: OFF | dPr: 100 |
Fanatec Driver Menu | Wheel angle: 900° | Dampening strength: 100 % |
Fanatec Driver version: 181 beta | Firmware version: 037 |
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I was wondering the same. I don't have it that strong because it only strengthen feedback when turning. Can someone pls share their FFB settings for the V12 and Karts?
i dont have a fanatec wheel but I think the setting should be 100 not -100. logitech wheels are -100. like I said not sure on fanatec but try 100
You can make the steering a bit heavier by setting the FFB strength to medium and increasing the "FFB steer damper coefficient" value in Controller.ini. You may want to play with the friction and strip rumble parameters, too, because they are enabled with FFB set to medium.
First off all I would put your dpr to off. With 100 you damp out a lot . For Formula Cars, I have SEN between 220-260, depending on track layout. Than I have it at -100 ingame at medium

I have to change de FFB from car to car... but did you ever think about how such V12 feels at low speed. There might be very little downforce, and therefore the FFB is weak and loose at low speeds. In my opinion it's not too wrong. You can turn Spr up too, than it feels a bit stiffer around the middle. And even FF to more than 100 if still to weak. But take care not to break your hands when hitting a curb at high speeds :)
Please, first you can try:
GSC Sync.exe

No problem with fanatec CSR:

in game settings:

Options > Controls
PRESETS select your or any fanatec for a start template
force feed back type: Wheel
force feed back effects: try from low to full depending of your taste :D, i have used full.
force feed back strength: -70 up to -100
Steering wheel range: 270 up to 900, i have used 450/540 for GT, 340 for open wheels.

In race, you can try, stock car , race Tarumã

Use ESC to menu

garage 1
900 degrees = steering lock of 33 degrees
540 degrees = steering lock of 20-22 degrees
270 degrees = default

wheel settings:
Sen 540 (340-540)
FFB 100
SHO 100
ABS 90 CSPv1

Good luck!
One of my teamate has also a feeling problem with the fanatec. He can't feel blocked wheels for instance, or loss of contact with the huge F1V12 accelerations. Can someone give his setup please?
Still NOT enjoyable :(

Going back to Assetto Corsa and RBR :mad:
Now that's how FFB is done properly :D

I :rolleyes: AC and RBR as well :thumbsup:

ps. U should improve GSCE Force Feedback with this plugin