Strange FFB problem with Netkar???

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Paul Hamwa, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. Paul Hamwa

    Paul Hamwa

    Been meaning to ask this for a little while now.

    I've had a really odd problem with Netkar's ffb on my Momo.

    The ffb is incredible in Netkar in general and all the feeling and inputs are there, but they slowly fade out as I drive. The wheel starts to give a kind of purring sound and then slowly fades until all I can feel are the bumps but without the force multiplier.

    I had a discussion with Kunos direct who was really helpful and asked me some questions eventually saying it was impossible that it could be Netkar specific. I've never figured out what it was though. I remember reading a post here on RD where someone commented that their G25 was hot and giving off a plastic smell. Not sure if this could be related or if Netkar overstresses the wheel. I know I had it set to full when I first started racing netkar, so maybe that was a problem, I now put it at 900 but it still peaks. The thing that really makes me wonder is that it doesn't happen with Rfactor, Kart Racing Pro or FVA, even rFactor where the ffb is much more rigid, it doesn't fade.

    Does anyone have any input or similar experiences with their wheel???

    (I've done everything "driver unistall/reinstall" related etc already)


  2. Jaireh Pahalla

    Jaireh Pahalla

    that's strange. is yours the black momo? 'cause i also use one. i think i'v remembered that the wheel also gave out purring sound, but couldn't remember the details, whether i was playing nkp or not but after i moved the wheel i suddenly stopped and until know it was all okay. maybe it's hardware then? the usual problem with momo racing is that when you set the friction and damper to more than 5 it wiggles (steers a little left and right but fast) like hell that you will think you have millions of flat spots. setting both to 5, which i have been using until recently will reduce the wiggle but will still wiggle at some point of the driving which i find irritating. now i set both to zero and my problems are done. but this seems to be a different case though.
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