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STORM - Frontline Nation

Bram Hengeveld

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Dec 26, 2006
SimBin Studios announces that they will publish the PC game STORM - Frontline Nation,
a turned based strategy game developed by Colossai Studios, a young Swedish development house located in Skövde, some 60 km from SimBin headquarters in Vara.

“This is a result from a close cooperation between our companies where the Colossai team has been working on some of our latest PC titles as consultants. Since we are publishing our PC titles and has the right connections we decided to help out with the delivery of their baby, STORM - Frontline Nation”, says Henrik Roos, SimBin Studios CEO.

The contact between the companies was initiated by Gothia Science Park (GSP), the game incubator located in Skövde that currently includes eight studios and projects covering everything from children’s games to games centered on training.

“SimBin is by far the best established game developer in the neighborhood and we have been in contact in several areas over the years and I’m very happy to see that this has led up to this cooperation”, says Per-Arne Lundberg, Business coach, Gothia Science Park.

“Colossai and SimBin have for the last year and a half worked together on several projects.
To further extend the cooperation into a publishing deal is very exciting. I am confident that SimBins experience will help STORM-Frontline Nation reach its deserved success”, says Robert Lazic, Colossai Studios CEO.

STORM - Frontline Nation is set for a release in the second half of 2009.

About STORM – Frontline Nation
STORM - Frontline Nation is an epic strategy game for PC situated in modern day Europe. Military forces, research and covert operations are used to get the edge over the competition. Superior tactics decide who remain on the battlefield. Master both modern strategic warfare and deceptive diplomacy to turn your country into the Frontline Nation.

STORM - Frontline Nation consists of one strategic and one tactical gameplay level.
The Strategic level - contains a view over Europe and North Africa. Here you manage the production and coordination of armies, as well as diplomatic negotiations, research, and the execution of story missions.

The Tactical level - is where the battles take place. It gives the player full control over the military units in a dynamically created battlefield.
Different terrain types, a dynamic weather system, fog of war, and customizable units offers an array of tactical possibilities, making the battle both challenging and intense.
Something different then racing :skywalker::terminator: