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  1. bigfoothunter


    I downloaded ML2166's skins for GSC & GSC 2012. I didn't know the GSC skins would not show up in GSC 2012. Is there any way the GSC skins can be converted over to GSC 2012. I did get one GSC car to work in GSC 2012 by changing the wording in the Vec. file, but the paint scheme is all messed up.
    I have Pain Shop Pro 7 & DDS Converter 2. I've never painted cars, so if it's possible, could someone give me a step by step on how to do this? Thanks, any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. MC Malicious Gravy

    MC Malicious Gravy

    The problem is the original GSC is that it was based off the 2010 season, when they used different body styles. In fact, they switched from the Chevy Vectra to the Chevy Sonic (and the Peugeot changed too).

    So it's not that the skins you downloaded are the wrong file format, they're for a different car. Vectra skins aren't compatible with Sonic skins, etc.