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EU Stock Car Resurrection @ Brianza '66 - Thu 11 Mar 2021


I need some help please, this RF2 makes me so mad in that moment I'm quiet short to delete that ****.

How they can make it so difficult to change an car or an track? I don't get it.
Denis already helped me with that but after 2 weeks I'm lost again.
I really want to give it an chance. also anoying if I want to pick an car I always have this grey
tablecloth over the car, is that normal?

edit: maybe it found it some of the grey symbols on top of the screen. that program really has the worst handling I ever confronted with
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Unfortunately I will have to sign out tonight due to some small health issues. I thought I will get better but I don't feel so good to do the race. Shame I even made a skin for this race :(

Have fun guys see you next time.


This hasn't worked well for me, in the late afternoon I did my first practising laps on that track and car. I drove so much more consistent during that practise with almost no crashes and touches from any wall. But in the races I failed so hard, crashed so often I got so unfocused, I left first race after some heavy impacts.
But it doesn't helped a lot for race 2 where I get pushed off the track and smashed into something which causes major steering damage, I gave up again.

Looking forward to the next event, but this time I shouldn't start practising on the last day before race.

Sorry to all I brought into trouble or touched or crashed. :(
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Hi, we use real names in game and in sign up threads. I've just come home and seen your sign up, can you come on Discord?
My name is Antonio Aznarez, I just finished the race. I have discord but to be honest I don't understand how it works, it's full of channels and non of them related with this event.


thanks for the race guys..i think this car was a bit much for me, just getting back to sim racing after a long break..guess I will stay away from these most difficult cars in the near future. Was quite the event anyway!


First huge apologies to Jim for the Lesmo1 hit. Braking on the dirty side and when I downshifted the back kicked and threw me onto the grass.
Race one decided not to Qually so started last. Just kept my head and managed to get around mistake free to finish 5th.
Race 2 I was nervous starting in the pack but manage to settle into 7th until I had to redress and went back to last. Just tried to keep it together from there and finished in 8th.
Thx to all for the fun.

Denis Betty

The older I get, the better I was.
Sorry gents I arrived home very late and was unable to prepare. This resulted in me being flustered and not really able to get my head around the task at hand. I dithered over the crash at the start of R2 and crashed myself whilst considering a restart. I left the server, before somebody said it was ok to restart and I got in even more of a kafuffle, restarted, but didn't load a setup and crashed at Parabolica L1 and gave up. I will try to be home in time next week. :(

Daniel R.

Hey Boys,
had a great evening, even though i managed to go off a lot....

Second race was the highlight, battling it out with @Yves Larose was just EPIC, We changed position every lap and had super close racing...very good racing from YVES, FAIR, CLEAN!!! Left me room and i did it too (i think)
Unfortunately i clipped somebody who spun in Parabolica. Was my fault, thought it would fit, but it didn´t.
Would have been fun to see who would have catched 3rd.

Thanks for organizing @Denis Betty ...



Roberto Trueba
I will dream with this:

Apologies to the the guy with the pepsi logo in the car (with the black blankets I couldnt see the names later). I couldn't brake enough in Parabollica in the second lap of the first race and we were relegated to the last place. The crash among Celestial an another pilot in the last lap of parabollic in the first race was :confused: . I gained two positions ;) and I finished 9th.

The second race was much better and I was 5th most of the race but I lost the concentration in the last lap in parabollic (again) and finished 6th.

I love this races!

Jim Carvalho

I couldn't get the d*mned thing off the line to save my pea-pickin' life!! A bit of a crash fest for me. Fun while it lasted. Thanks for organizing, Denis.