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STILL Having FFB Probs with Logi G29 in RF2

Although it seems that I've solved my inverted forces problem with my G29 in RF2, the FFB STILL feels way off. This FFB problem started with the latest RF2 build pushed thru by Steam. (Other sims still feel fine so I doubt that it's a hardware problem.)

Difficult to explain, but I'll try. It feels like there's strong FFB resistance in BOTH directions now. For example, if I start to turn right, I feel a strong force wanting to keep the wheel straight. When exiting a pit stall at LeMans (and other tracks) by putting the car in gear and giving some throttle, then letting go of the wheel, the car turns right and the wheel turns all the way left on its own.

In "KartSim" in RF2, when I turn left my wheel ends up cock-eyed (ie - the "band" is at the 10:30 position rather than at high noon) when I'm back on the straight.

Something is definitely wrong with my FFB setting in RF2 and it came on suddenly. (And just when I laid out $$$ for LeMans :(.)

So, could anyone with a Logi G29 that is happy with their FFB settings in RF2 please share those settings? I know what a properly set controller should feel like (from other sims) and this sure ain't it!

Or maybe I should do a Windows system restore to BEFORE I purchased LeMans? If so, will RF2 still know that I purchased it and re-download it?


EDIT: Took at close look thru "options" from the main menu, and found that "steering help" somehow got set to High! I turned it off and that did the trick. :) I have no idea how/when it was set to "high".
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