(still) clumsy car selection menu for race }:-P

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by gamer19, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. gamer19


    Am I doing something wrong ? :sick:
    I doubt, but do please tell me if I do.

    I did some hot laps with latest game version and two quick races.
    Go to "Race/quick race" select ANY car (for this example, I choose Lotus 49), then of course choose the track you want and (I think before choosing track conditions, I'm at work now, can't test it) you need to choose your oponents.
    Everythings fine up until this point but, have no worries, then, at that moment... **** hit the fan.

    I mean... really.... you get some, to put it mildly, clumsy options. First I notice I got that... Lotus (25? I believe) to race with. It's not my first meeting with this problem with this so I wasn't surprised but now, after so many game versions I really think they could/should set it straight.
    So, ofc, I thought "oh hell no", I want the same car like mine but, as I'm sure you already know, it's not that simple. You will have all those Lotus clasic formulas to choose BUT you first must to delete those "25's" and ONE BY ONE !?! Oh sweet Lord.
    After Lotus(es) I choose NISMO to race with. And, you guess is right, I forgot to minus-plus them all (Lotuses and NISMO's) and at the start I realise I'm screwed. I was racing against frickin Lotus 49's. Really tiring. Back to menu, some minuses, some pluses further... and I was set to go.
    Really.... in a flash. :rolleyes:

    And I was on Silverstone national, and that fact is not non-important, cause it have only 24 cars slot places. Imagine if I wish to go NASCAR way and on some bigger track, choose 43 cars race !?! :cry:
    Then you have to click 42 times, deleting wrong car, once again ONE BY ONE and only then choose the car which you want to race with. Ofc, the whole process of clicking on "+" that car 42 times included. Am I the only one who think that this is a liiitle bit ...dunno ...obsolete ? :unsure:
    And it seems to me... and this is quite amazing, too... it's never that car you have choose for yourself, it's always some other !?? Like... similar. :confused:

    Project Cars (simulation or not, that's not important now) has much elegant and simple solution - you can choose "indentical", "same category" and "multi-class". And you don't have to FIRST DELETE the cars you don't want. Just make sure you choose the right number of them, then choose one of the 3 options from above..
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  2. Erwin Sch

    Erwin Sch

    Did you select the single-makes tab? I think that is what you need. Although I agree the menus can be a bit clumsy with all the different screens and animations.
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  3. Stereo



    If you want all the same as you, click "Single"
    If you want to get rid of all the cars on the grid click "clear grid"
    If you want to look for a specific car, type "the name of the car" in the search box or use the brand/tag filter options (eg. you can filter to all GT3 class cars).
    If you want multiple cars then the 'random' tab is easier to use, you only need to enter them once each and slide the slider.
    If you want a specific number of each kind of car then the 'custom' tab is where to go, you can have 3 P1s, 6 P2s, 4 GT2s, and 10 GT3s or whatever you wanted.
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  4. gamer19


    So, you basically say that this topic is pointless, right ? :rolleyes:
    Well, it's still not simple as in P.Cars. :cool:
    But that also doesn't mean that you're not right, obviously. :geek:
    In my (poor) defence I wlil say that I didn't actually spend that many time in AC, you know, real life and all those other games we must play while we're still alive. While we're still young I mean. Thanks to both of you.
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