still black screen, tried almost everything, any tips



Hi Guys,

I keep having the same problem.
I run RBR on a laptop, with 1366-768, and external monitor is 1900-1050.
Without hacks I can play it on the laptop, with hacks I keeps giving a black screen on the big screen, I hear the Music, but no image, only black. I tried:
1. adjusting .ini file fullscreen false,
2. .ini resolution, tried different resolutions, no result.
3. RBR2010 pack, (version 1,2,3 all installed) on a clear install (without update v1,02, so really clean install).
4. with SSE, without SSE,
On the external monitor it still is Black only......

very annoying! laptop is a Core I5 430, with 4GB ram, 5650 Geforce Mobility Radeon, Windows Home 64 bit

any suggestion??

please help :confused:



huh? what do you mean? specs are so low as it's an old game, and hardware hardly differs between laptop and desktop nowadays, so please explain your question?

On the DVD box it says nothing about laptops or desktops...

Warren Dawes

I have run RBR on my laptop connected to a wide screen monitor, without any problems, so it will work on a laptop.

I have had the black screen issue before when I first installed RBR, but I solved it by adjusting the screen resolution in the Richard Burns Rally.ini. Some sreeen resolutions just wouldn't work.
Have you tried a few more normal resolutions via the .ini file? I use 1680 by 1050.

Does the default RBR run ok before trying RSRBR2010?

Dave Stephenson

RaceDepartment Technical Administrator
how are you runnign the screens, are you disabling the onboard screen or using clone/expand to get an image on the screen?


hi guys, i got it to work!

I uninstalled everything, then installed everything again, RBR, RBR2010, Car pack. (2 monitors are extended monitors (not clones)), I deleted the first line in the rbr.ini (constantforce multiplier -60), and changed the resolution to 1920 by 1080. Somehow it now works. Don't know why, but I can play single player now, have to try online later. It looks superb on the 24 inch ;-) Have to find the right view, I like the bonnet view setting, when you look over the bonnet, so not from inside of the car..must be somewhere in the settings?

I think I mistyped the resolution earlier, I said 1900 instead of 1920.... Can it be this simple? ;-)

anyway, thanks for the tips! see you online!!

Mark A Warmington

I run everything on my laptop :D: RBR. iRacing, Evo, rFactor, NKP... Binned the desktop years ago and went for space saving DTR (Desk Top Replacement).

Glad to see you got it working.
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