steering wheel set up need some help

Bjorn de Haas

Mar 15, 2009
hello guys as you might know i have bought the logitech momo wheel.
i did some testing today and havent yet figured out the best steering rate.. at the moment im using 800 steering rate and sensitivity 100%

i hope you can help me

Bert Van Waes

Can the momo wheel turn 800 degrees?

My setup for Arca is a merely 420° with a G25 that can turn 900 if i want too, but Nascar cars don't use that turning rate.

404° rotation
101 strenght of the effects
veereffect 0
dempereffect 0

mark center spring but put it on 0

Gareth Hickling

Feb 17, 2008
I Think the momo only goes around 270 degrees?
I had one years ago but cant remember the exact amount of lock.

Mine is set to around 300 if i remember in ARCA on my G25