Steering Settings

Karl Brankin

Mar 20, 2009
I have just purchased NKpro for £17.71 and I have been impressed so far. I am trying to get it feeling right so I can then push (my) limits in the cars, feel the differences and try to get some consistency.

I have a Fanatec GT3RS wheel and Clubsport pedals - it is a 900 degree wheel and G25 settings normally translate well after turning the FFB down a little.

Should I set the wheel to 900 degrees in the driver / profiler sofware and in game or are lower values required ? Do the values have to be adjusted between the cars particularly the Abarth to the open wheelers ?

I have recently been getting into iRacing and like the way you just set the rotation to 900 degrees and each car is adjusted to it`s real equivalent so that it just feels rght and doesn`t have to be messed with.

Any help much appreciated.


Dave Stephenson

RaceDepartment Technical Administrator
Sep 4, 2007
Ive been playing with it a bit. I found that because of the adjustment being made to ratio rather than directly to the lock setting that as I increase the lock of my wheel it because vague pretty quickly. I have to move it right down low for the formula cars. I havent tried leaving the wheel setting high and lowering the lock setting in game yet though. That might be the easiest way for you to not need to change the driver setting.


Jan 19, 2010
Full 900 degrees for all cars.

FFB strengt around 100 %
Center spring 0
Damping 0


Varies between cars. Usually no damping for sure and too much FFB, that will make the FFB 'clip' and some effects can not be felt anymore.