F1 2013 Steering Problems in corners (Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel)

F1 2013 The Game (Codemasters)
Hi there, :)
my steering wheel has no problems with F1 2011 on PC. However every now and then it wouldn't let me steer properly (cannot angle the steering wheel on screen enough) in corners (on PC & Xbox 360), so light corners and hairpins I have to go almost similar speed & steering angle.
When I used to take the batteries out of the controller and put them in again, the problem disappeared and it would work beautifully as it should.

Now I find myself having the same problem with F1 2013 (PC), however the F1 2011 fix doesn't work anymore.
I know at some point while I was still testing different mods and changed settings in game by random, at some point it used to work and I would be able to drive through fast corners without braking and it worked as it was supposed to.
Now when I drive fully through those corners I fly off, going off the accelerator, I fly off and if I don't brake very early and a lot I still fly off the track. This makes it very hard not to end up last every time.

I have used the following link and tried the suggestions out, but it didn't work for me sadly.

Is there anyone out there who would have an idea on how to solve the problem or what I could try please ?
Thank you :)
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