Steelseries SRW S-1 Bootloader, What's the problem?

I bought a few weeks ago the steering wheel. But one day is not working.
Windows will recognize , but not in the usual place the Device Manager.
Perhaps need to be updated or a new firmware?
SteelSeries support does not help me.
How to fix it?


What do you mean windows will recognize but not in the usual place ?

if its not registering in the Device manager, I hate to say it. But you have officially got a Paper weight now. And As far as i know, SteelSeries themselves wont be able to help, as they have (had) a Very limited amount of wheel (In House) to deal with warranty's (YES warranty is possible but might take weeks of back and forth with them as I was forced to do) Took me roughly 2-3 month's before they agreed to send out a new unit.

This is a Common issue with this wheel, It just somehow flashes itself and render's it Useless. Sorry i cant be of more help.
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